Good-bye,Land of the Long White Cloud. Hello, Land of the Stinking Onion.

There’s not much time for me to write a farewell blog. Geoff and Eliza left this afternoon, and I’m flying out with Augusta tomorrow. Like many things on this trip, flying separately was not planned. There was some mix-up with ticketing. Many people have reassured me that a 24-hour flight with an eight-week-old baby will be just fine. Still, I wouldn’t turn down teleportation if it were offered.

Leaving here is bittersweet. I miss my family, my friends, and Chicago pizza. I’m looking forward to visiting my students, and I’m excited for Gussy to get settled in to her real home. It’s summer in Chicago and I’m ready to spend long days at the beach, drink beer outside, and swim with the Wild Catfish.

But leaving New Zealand is not easy. It is objectively more beautiful than most places. I spent four months traveling, researching, and meeting awesome people. I hung out with Geoff and Eliza every day, and we welcomed little Gussy to our family.

The Fulbright is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. A few people have asked what we plan to do next, but right now I’m content to think about what we’ve done.

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