A Hard Hobbit to Break

With only about two weeks to go until I leave for New Zealand, I’m trying to get all my ducks in a row.  There are so many ducks.  I’ve been keeping lists: in my head, on the fridge, in a spreadsheet that I share with Geoff, and in emails I send to myself.  The lists are made up of things I need to do, things I’d like to do, and things that are probably just random distractions.   One random distraction I keep returning to is renaming my blog Chicago to New Zealand: A Hard Hobbit to Break.   Unfortunately, this joke may not have universal appeal.  If you don’t mind having jokes explained to you, check out this video by the band Chicago, and put it together with what you know about the Lord of the Rings movies.


The other items on my lists are probably more useful for any of you planning to stay overseas for a while, have a baby there, and rent out your condo on Airbnb.  Here are some items from my many lists:

Passport for Eliza Email Eliza’s NZ school Get a NZ bank account Have going away party
Visa Take bins to Kathryn & Jason Get a better credit card that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fees Find a pool or master’s swim team in NZ
Medical Records Store file cabinet and other items in space Drop off banjos and guitars with Ben Get plug adaptors
Note from Dr. about flying Clean out closet Prepare the classroom for a new teacher Download more music
CPS form for maternity leave Clean out bathroom Prepare the new teacher for my classroom Find tourist things pregnant ladies can do in NZ
CPS form for sabbatical leave Transfer Eliza out of school Buy stuff for the new baby: bjorn, onsies, hats, socks, pacifier, swaddles  
Cleaning Lady Suspend Verizon without billing Get better shoes  
Taxes Change return flight for Geoff and Eliza Find a doctor and midwife in NZ  
Register car Suspend mail Write more blogs (A Hard Hobbit to Break?)  
Talk to Lance about checking the mail Suspend NY Times Unplug the car battery  


Many of these things are already completed which makes me feel better.  I’m also practicing looking pitiful just in case some nice flight attendant or business-class flyer will have pity on the pregnant lady sitting in coach and switch my seat.

One more random distraction: Geoff just showed me this blog about a guy who makes sweaters of places, then takes pictures of himself wearing the sweater in the place.  Maybe I can make a New Zealand sweater while I’m on this long flight.


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