I was the woman who was recently given a Fulbright

Early in April I received the notification that I had received the Fulbright award.  My seventh grade students were about 30 minutes into some standardized test when I got the news.  My loud gasps shook them out of their testing stupor, but luckily they were able to recover once I calmed down a bit.  Not really knowing how to put such a momentous occasion in writing, I emailed my husband a picture of Lou Zealand, the boomerang fish-throwing muppet, and hoped that he would get the idea.  I remained in some state of shock for weeks.  Although I really wanted the award, there was always a part of me that didn’t think I was fancy enough for a Fulbright.  It’s in a Paul Simon song, for crying out loud.

I got over the shock and grew more excited about this chance to learn how public education, teacher training, and teacher mentoring work in New Zealand.louzealand

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